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COTSWOLD FLYBALL CLUB -   Running like the winds 
The Cotswold Flyball Club welcome new members and their dogs to join in the fun of flyball. Our Team Captain is Pauline Caddick and she is helped by our senior members.


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About Flyball
Flyball is a fun and fast team sport for dogs, in which teams of four, plus up to two reserves compete in a relay race over four jumps to retrieve a ball from a box. They then have to bring the ball back over the four jumps to their handler, with the next dog passing nose to nose over the start line. Competitions are run under BFA rules and it is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK.

Training can start at 10 months old onwards, most dogs are able to do flyball  especially if they have an interest in tennis balls. At 12 months old they are able to compete in a starter competition and at 18 months old in open competition. Anyone can do flyball, we welcome able bodied and disabled also children under supervision. We train on grass at Dairy Farm, Long Newnton on the old airfield.

Our first show was held in June and was a great success. We would like to thank everyone for coming and look forward to seeing you all next time.

 One of our team dogs Elsa in action.

BFA Championships 2015

Congratulations go to Poppi and her owners Pauline & Derek, our highest achieving dog , gaining the Platinum Award in 2015 and with Tammi achieving the Ice Blue Moon Award.

Silver Awards go to Cerys and her owner Sally, Rona and her owner Anne and to Flynn and his owner David.

The Flyball Box

The BFA box consists of a ball being fixed in usually one of two slots at the front. As the dog triggers the pedal a trigger mechanism releases the ball directly to the dogs mouth.

 Rocky                                                  Poppi


Rainbow Bridge

 February 2014. We were all sad to hear of Vicki  a much loved Miniature Poodle belonging to Pauline and Derek who sadly went to Rainbow Bridge after a short illness. ' Happy memories'


All five of our teams entered came home with being placed in their divisions. The dogs surpassed themselves with our veteran team The Cotswold Sundowners gaining a first  and  the Cyclones, Typhoons, Zephyrs and Siroccos also did exceptionally well gaining a 3rd place.

                                                                                  Mr Rocky

Bath Cats & Dogs Home Demonstration
 August 2013

Cotswold Cheer

A  warm sunny evenings training session with something to celebrate after taking 3 open and 2 starter teams to the BFA sanctioned tournament at Cantley Park in Wokingham, with all 3 open teams Cotswold Cyclones, Typhoons and Zephyrs winning their divisions and bringing home gold medals. The 2 starter teams Cotswold Breezes and Mistrals sharing success  winning gold and silver medals in their divisions.

A load of Labs Rhona, Elsa, Foxy, Eddie, Fergus, Lexie and Woody


Congratulations to Pauline & Derek with Poppi on gaining the Silver Award at the BFA Championships 2012

 Cotswold Typhoons

Winners of division 35 Sharon & Moss, Sally & Cerys, Pauline & Sprite, Abby & Dizzy


Cotswold Flyball Club Rules

Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with these guidelines which promotes good practice during training and competition.


When setting up for the classes to begin it is the responsibility of all class members to set up this equipment.  The sooner the lanes are set up, the sooner the class can begin.

At the end of this class all members are responsible for packing equipment away.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding carrying equipment, please speak with your instructor or a committee member.

Awareness and Control

Please do not let dogs off lead while other another class is still running.  All dogs should be on lead unless completing a flyball run.  This is for the safety of both dogs and handlers and necessary to avoid distracting the dogs training at that time.

When you are waiting for your class to begin, it is permissible for handlers and dogs to wait near the flyball training area as long as dogs are kept on their lead and are under control.

Please be aware of your dog’s behaviour at all times.  Whilst we appreciate you want to socialise at training it is vital that your dog is under control when working, waiting your turn and all times in between.

If any dog has a particular dislike for another it is the responsibility of both handlers to prevent any incidents occurring.  Please be aware of other dogs in your class and allow extra space when necessary.

Training Aids and Equipment

The use of toys and treats is encouraged, however:

Toys must be silent as squeaks can distract other dogs.

Be careful when throwing toys/balls that they do not land near other dogs/handlers or near the other lane to avoid accident/incident.

When using treats, be vigilant not to drop in the training area this could distract subsequent dogs from running.

The use of any other training aids (e.g. clickers or discs etc) is generally not permitted as some training aids can affect other dogs in ways you may not expect.

Please discuss with an instructor if you would like to use any other training aid/equipment not mentioned in the list above.

Competitions and Ring Parties


All members attending competitions must ensure that they are a registered member of the British Flyball Association and produce their membership number to the Team Captain prior to entering a competition.  Membership is required each year in January.  If you require a membership form please contact a committee member.

It is the responsibility of all members running in a team to ensure they are aware of their running order and make themselves available at the times their races are due to begin.

It is the responsibility of all members running in a team to set up the lane ready for racing.

It is the responsibility of all members running in a team to ensure they are in the ring and ready for the 2 minute warm up.

Team members should assist other team members in the warm up where required.

Ring Parties:

All club members should try to ensure they take their turn when the club is allocated to a ring party.

If any members are unsure about the rules and/or responsibility of each ring party duty, an experienced club member will be more than happy to explain and assist as many times as required for another club member to feel confident.  Please ask a committee member if you need any assistance.


If you know in advance that you will not be attending a class, please let the instructor or committee member know as this enables us to plan more effectively.

We hope you find this information useful.  If you have any comments, queries or concerns please speak with a member of the committee.

Dog health

Unfortunately it is now quite common to see overweight dogs.  To compete in flyball your dog should be at the best weight for their breed. Also you should ideally check out your dogs overall health with your vet before training with us.

If your dog is a bit overweight we will allow them to train with us providing they have been checked by your vet and you are exercising them to help them get to their ideal weight.  If your dog is extremely overweight you should not be expecting them to do a sport like flyball. They would be unable to attend training until they have shifted the additional weight.

We would expect your dog to be up to date with all their vaccinations and we will normally also carry out a temperament test to see how they get on with other dogs before you start training with us.

If at any time your dog develops any health issue we would also expect you to tell the club about it.


Liability clause


We strongly advise all dog owners to take up a comprehensive pet insurance policy that includes 3rd party liability cover.  We do not accept any liability for injury, accident or incident that may happen or arise from you or your dog attending CFC training, events or competitions, attending such activities is at your own risk and you are liable for any actions of your dog and yourself.  We would ask that you act responsibly and allow you, your dog and others to enjoy Flyball.



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